Podcast 174: Australian Grand Prix 2015

Our coverage of the 2015 Australian Grand Prix

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Hosts: Jim Lau & Robin Warner

One thought on “Podcast 174: Australian Grand Prix 2015”

  1. Hi guys,
    I love your podcast but would like to comment on the Sauber vdGarde theme:
    I think vdGarde paid a lot of money last year, even though he was only the test driver, and would have paid again this year. This was the contract. – He only committed to that role last year and paid it, because he would have a proper drive 2015.
    So Sauber took his (or his father in laws) money, but threw him out when somebody with a bigger check came along. They did not bother to settle with him or with Sutil for that matter.
    I think it is a very bad way to do business and therefore the judges in Switzerland and in Australia ruled the same way.
    I am very surprised that Sauber is acting that way.

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