Podcast 151: Bahrain Grand Prix 2014

We recap the thrilling Bahrain Grand Prix, run under the lights for the first time in this race’s 10 year history. Lots of intra-team battles, few team orders, good stuff! Mercedes continues to look strong, Ferrari not so much. Maldonado is back to his dangerous ways, and Force India is really doing well. Find us at http://funwithcars.com for more!

One thought on “Podcast 151: Bahrain Grand Prix 2014”

  1. Great podcast as usual, what do you think about artificially changing the engine sound? Even if it is made louder, knowing it is ‘fake’ might be a turn off for many. Also, didn’t know f1 cars could break dance, guess Gutierrez proved me wrong. Luca demontazelamo certainly had something to think about, after his Scarlets toured the track, and when these engines produced far better racing than I saw with the V8’s.

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