Podcast 145: Brazilian Grand Prix 2013

– Congrats to the champions! Well done. Impressive.
– Stoic, the best word ever?
– Mark Webber! A great driver. A great man. Formula 1 loses, WEC gains.
– We discuss the championship and the continued silly season.
– Brazilian cuisine? Fish and chips!
– Listener feedback.
– Predictions, where my 66 Cokes at?
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One thought on “Podcast 145: Brazilian Grand Prix 2013”

  1. Hello Jim and Robin (point of discussion, why do people always put Robin second, and Jim first?)

    Firstly, thanks for another great year of podcasts, your work to create them is much appreciated. 🙂

    Secondly, Christmas wishes, and hope you have a great new year :-)!

    Thirdly, Twatter is shite, Facebook is great! Tell everyone to join the party with the grownups 😉


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