Podcast 134: British Grand Prix 2013

– Jim goes rogue and does a podcast while Robin is out of town!

– Our man in the stands, Craig “The Kilt” Wilson checks in

– What’s up with these tyres? Hamilton, Massa, Vergne, and Perez all lose their right-rears.

– Vettel out, fans love it!

– Well done Nico Rosberg, winning as many of your home Grands Prix as you can!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 134: British Grand Prix 2013”

  1. Great show, thanks! I’d hate to see Pirelli wear all the blame if it isn’t their fault, but I think the damage might already be done. 4 blowouts is pretty spectacular.

  2. Coincidence? Ham quickest FP1, Vet quickest FP2, after which Robin puts Ham Vet down for his prediction (after the cut off of, again!) Pffffffttt.

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