GP Show 124: United States 2012

– We bring you almost-live coverage from the USGP!

– Podcasting while driving

– We give our take on the Circuit of the Americas, and a fan’s perspective

– No credit cards, no condiments, but no problems

– Hamilton remains the man in the States

– The championship isn’t over yet!

– Turn 12 ain’t a bad place to sit

2 thoughts on “GP Show 124: United States 2012”

  1. Question…… Did you manage to watch the world feed of the race? What did you think of it? For me, it was awful…….

    Cutting from one set for racing into a corner, then cuts to another set of racing coming out a corner!
    Terrible long shots up the main straight
    Cutting to the OAP (p15) doing a pit stop when Hamilton is close to Vettel.
    Shots of the cars kept on screen too long so you only seen the rear wing over brow of hill. And that’s just a few examples…….

    whoever was producing it needs shot, get some Europeans in to show you how to do it properly!

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