Grand Prix Show 123: Abu Dhabi 2012

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Vettel starts from pitlane and still manages a podium. Luck? Skill? All of the above.

Kimi Raikkonen wins the…yeah yeah yeah, you don’t have to say it every 10 seconds.

Seven cars retire, including dominant Hamilton, we discuss.

We double down on listener feedback, because YOU are awesome!

Yes, we will be at the USGP!

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4 thoughts on “Grand Prix Show 123: Abu Dhabi 2012”

  1. Hi Pablo, we are working with Stitcher to get the new information in their system, so it should be correct soon. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Long time listener, first time commenter. Excellent podcast…as usual. You guys got my thumbs up in iTunes many weeks back. Keep up the excellent work and keep having fun. I found the discussion about differentials a neat techy sidebar. I had wondered why the drivers even needed to keep making those adjustments…turn radius! Duh!!! That makes perfect sense…going from a 150MPH sweeper to a 1st gear, 40MPH hairpin requires totally different diff settings to get the power down…Thx!. I thought all those in car shots of drivers thumbing the settings and reaching down (brake bias??) were just signs of attention deficit. Hey, in light of this helpful discusson on differentials combined with all the references each week about show name uncertainty, its only fitting to consider “The Big Diff” as a new title. (Rights are not reserved….cheers).

  3. I enjoyed this year’s podcasts, it must’ve been one busy year for you! I can’t wait til next year’s podcasts and let’s hope it will be a much better year! Happy holidays!

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