Grand Prix Show 120: Singapore 2012

Monza recap: Vettel/Alonso running each other off the track and the ramifications

Penalty update: Charles Pic gets community service!

Hamilton’s failure is representative of McLaren’s form lately

Massa had some good moments but will he keep his job?

Who should drive for Ferrari? Vettel perhaps?

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2 thoughts on “Grand Prix Show 120: Singapore 2012”

  1. In reference to the prediction app….

    The entire predictions app has been degraded to that of a farce…….what’s going to happen when anyone says they want to put their predictions in after the race?

    “Honest, I haven’t seen or heard anything on the race”.

    This should only be allowed if you have a doctors note to say you were in a coma, even then, I wouldn’t allow it, as they say people in a coma can sometimes hear stuff!


  2. Only Robin and I can get away with that, as we have known each other and worked together long enough to know what the deal is. For other predictions participants on our Facebook page, they’ll have to do their best to sweet-talk Neil!

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