F1Show 117: Hungarian Grand Prix 2012

-Rain threatened all weekend in Hungary, but aside from a shower on Friday, it was a dry Grand Prix.
-Lewis Hamilton crazy fast at the Hungaroring, taking pole position by over four tenths of a second.
-Despite pressure from both Lotus machines, Lewis Hamilton wins the Hungarian Grand Prix!
-Raikkonen, just gets past his teammate on the final pitstop and finishes second.
-Grosjean, while behind his teammate still drove incredibly to finish third.
-It just wasn’t Schmacher’s day, was it?
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3 thoughts on “F1Show 117: Hungarian Grand Prix 2012”

  1. Hey, interesting discussion on KERS. I noticed the re-enabled push-to-pass feature in IndyCar made the Edmonton race more exciting, and I’ve wondered why F1 doesn’t do the same deal with KERS: give every car a certain number of seconds of KERS per race. Then teams are forced to strategize their KERS use for an entire race instead of it getting reset every lap.

  2. Hi Guys, great show. Hungry was certainly Hamiltime…

    The KERS discussion was interesting, it seems to me that F1 has become so… homogenised that there is very little room to teams to innovate. I’ve never been a fan of these ‘boost’ or ‘push to pass’ features, it seems to me to make things artificial. I’d rather see the cars going as fast as they can with rules around tyres and fuel governing strategy. Imagine if no team could fuel the car to last the entire race at 100% performance? You’d have to look at engine modes, driving styles even aero setup to improve the cars economy to make it… while balancing the need to beat everyone else.

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