F1Show 098: Italian Grand Prix 2011

-Hamilton Havoc: where do you stand?

-Pirelli tire camber controversy, did Red Bull do the right thing?

-Gasp in disbelief! Sebastian Vettel takes pole at the Italian Grand Prix!

-Tifosi must settle for second row, Alonso behind Vettel and both McLarens in 4th.

-Sebastian Vettel wins the Italian Grand Prix! casino spiele More nails driven.

-Epic drive from Michael Schumacher, another top five finish!

-Button”s form impeccable, finishes the Italian Grand Prix in second for McLaren.

-Alonso makes the podium, and the villagers rejoice!

-Listener feedback/trivia/predictions

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3 thoughts on “F1Show 098: Italian Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Great show, well done, glad you liked the audio I sent you…..thanks for using it!

    Google+ ??……..haven’t used it, can it be used more like a forum, and save you setting a forum up, as Facebook is still rubbish!

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