F1Show 097: Belgian Grand Prix 2011

-Sebastian Vettel takes pole at the Belgian Grand Prix…Shocker!

-Hamilton and Maldonado collide, AFTER the Q2 session! Pastor needs to chill and have a taco.

-Michael Schumacher, celebrates his racing debut 20th anniversary by trying to three wheel around the track

-Sebastian Vettel starts to nail the coffin by winning the Belgian grand prix!!!

-Holy Bad Starts Webber? 3rd to 8th in mere seconds.

-Holy Amazing Starts Schumacher? 24th to 16th at the beginning and finishing 5th!

-Buttery Button makes Lemonade again, 13th to 3rd, salvaging points and moving to 4th in the championship

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4 thoughts on “F1Show 097: Belgian Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Some questions from Hamilton/Kobayashi incident:

    -Is not normal for Hamilton to position himself for the apex?

    -Did Kobayashi notice any helmet movement which would lead him to believe Hamilton knew he was coming along side of him?

    -Is just possible Eddie Jordan is just an avid fan of Kobayashi hence the Whitmarsh grilling?

  2. Hi, great show as usual.

    The Hamilton crash was 100% his fault, and he has admitted this now. He always drives as if everyone else should always give him room, and finally he is seeing this may be wrong……….off the top of my head…….singapore last year with Webber…………Italy last year with Massa…….I’m sure there’s loads more. In these cases if he had given them a few inches of room, he would have finished and got points, but instead he sits in the pits looking like a twat (again), blaming everyone else(again)

    I’m a huge McMerc fan, and a huge Hamilton fan, but he annoys me so much sometimes.

    All the best


  3. Awesome show guys, I have been listening since Germany. I love that you guys usually eat a meal from the country the grand prix is at that weekend. I also do that and have been for about 6 years. I usually cook the meal, most of the time it is great but there have been a few disasters. I am an australian, thankyou for the kind comments about my country, and a have followed Webbers career. I am now pinning my hopes on Ricciardo. It’s sad that he doesn’t have a perfect record for finishing grands prix.

    I must say a big thankyou to Vettel, as he managed to pass Webber without hitting him.

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