F1Show 095: Hungarian Grand Prix 2011

-Sebastian Vettel takes pole at the Hungarian Grand Prix!

-Hamilton and Button qualify in second and third position for McLaren,

-Hamilton and Button race wheel to wheel in the wet, no one maintains the gap!!!

-Jenson Button, King of Budapest, wins the Hungarian grand prix!!!

-Another bad day for Sebastian Vettel, only pole and second place at the Hungarian grand prix

-Ferrari race pace is definitely genuine. If we get the hot weather Alonso wants, watch out!

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5 thoughts on “F1Show 095: Hungarian Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Hello guys. Well done and congratulations on another great show.

    Regarding F1 coverage, I guess we have it pretty lucky in Australia. For most races (if not all) both qualifying and the race are covered live. We also get a pre-race show as well as the post-race interviews of the podium winners. The European races start around 7-8pm on a Sunday night in Perth (home of Daniel Ricciardo), and the Asia-Pac races are earlier in the afternoon. We’re in the same time zone as Singapore too. The only races I don’t get to watch are, simply because they’re not convenient, are Brazil and Canada but even those are telecast live.

    OneHD, which is free-to-air, carries all the races. We have a couple motor racing commentators for the pre-show which includes obligatory interviews with Webber and Ricciardo and other analyses etc, but then we throw over to Brundle and Coulthard at the BBC. We do get commercials, but the last third-or-so of the race is usually ad-free.

    I’m not even sure that Australian cable TV carries F1. I can’t imagine paying for low quality coverage you guys seem to put up with. And I can’t imagine better commentary than Brundle and Coulthard, except maybe for Murray Walker but I’m showing my age.

  2. Hi, glad you liked the pictures! I got them when we were having dinner at a very posh restaurant that we knew F1 personnel eat at. I had to sit there the entire meal with that bloody sticker on, hoping someone came in, they did, and I hit the jackpot 🙂

    I will try and have a proper script for next time for my commentary, it can therefore only get better LOL

  3. Another great podcast guys.

    Sorry to pick up on a mistake again but I think you’ll find Button did have a win this year before Hungary, Canada. If only one of you were a true Button fan.

    On the whole UK TV coverage thing, it will cost me £150 ($180 ) extra to watch F1 next year which sucks. But what will happen to the US and Australia etc. You guys have mentioned before that you have BBC commentary for some races. So where are your TV stations going to get their commentary from? This problem is not just the UK.

    I’m currently trying to work with a local cinema in Nottingham to broadcast the races on the big screen, I think most people would prefer to pay £5 per race for the cinema than £12 per month for tv subscription.

    Enjoy the summer break

  4. Another great podcast:::
    Fox is owned by the same guys that own Sky in the UK (more or less)… so you can understand our worries ..
    Remeber that the Hungarrian GP used to be a boring no overtaking procession… not this year! What a race! especially for JB fans..

    Onto the greatest of them all… SPA

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