F1Show 094: German Grand Prix 2011

-Mark Webber takes pole again at the German Grand Prix!

-Ferrari pace seems real, both Alonso and Massa more competitive in Qualifying

-Awesome battle between Webber, Alonso and Hamilton for the lead, all race!!!

-Lewis Hamilton, epic drive to win the German Grand Prix!

-Vettel consolidates 4th place after a placid performance in front of home crowd.

-Listener feedback/trivia/predictions

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6 thoughts on “F1Show 094: German Grand Prix 2011”

  1. It’s true. Those “Another F1 Podcast” blokes started the fire. They pretend to be ignorant of F1 history/the present/drivers/cars/math(s)/time in general, but I think it’s a front.

  2. Another fantastic podcast guys, nice work. You mentioned Lauda being German, I think you’ll find he’s Austrian. Plus other Finnish Ferrari drivers, I remember Mika Salo driving for a few races, early mid nineties, in Aida Japan.

    Predictions for Hungary, Vettel pole, Button win.

  3. Just discovered the show after it was mentioned at sidepodcast. The lame war gets lamer.

    I really enjoyed the show and I will definitely listen again.

    I can’ think of a Finn other than Kimi or Salo who has ever been associated with Ferrari so you are almost certainly correct on that. Ferrari though have not always been heavily into Latin drivers. For a long time Enzo would not hire Italians because of the abuse he received when they died in his cars so from the 60s until I think Michele Alboreto he avoided signing anyone from Italy.

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