F1Show 093: British Grand Prix 2011

-Off throttle blown diffuser era born at the British Grand Prix
-Off throttle blown diffuser era results in mid-weekend controversy due to FIA”s flimsy rules control
-Off throttle blown diffuser era dead after the British Grand Prix
-Mark Webber takes Pole at the British Grand Prix
-Mixed wet/dry conditions creates exciting competition online casino all weekend at Silverstone
-Bungled pit stops and poorly managed pit releases play pivotal role in British GP
-Fernando Alonso shames the field and takes Ferrari”s first win of 2011 at the British Grand Prix
-Red Bull”s double standard, Christian Horner tries to explain, Mark Webber ignores it anyway
-Listener feedback/trivia/predictions
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5 thoughts on “F1Show 093: British Grand Prix 2011”

  1. I am a tifoso BUT not happy about the Alonso win. Where have consistency and the spirit of competition gone? Changing rules mid season is just plain wrong. During a BBC interview Alonso mentioned the upgrades had made a difference which contributed to his win. Let’s change the rules again and see how the Ferrari stacks up against the pre Silverstone RB7.

    The only thing consistent in F1 at the moment as far I am concerned are the lap times set by the drivers.

  2. Holy Cow, what’s the RSS feed so I can subscribe to your podcast? Are you guys keeping it a secret?

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