F1Show 089: Turkish & Spanish Grands Prix 2011

-We both survived Iceland!
-Turkey Wrap-up…Delicious!
-Spanish GP, layered and long
-Congrats to Mark Webber, Pole in Spain!!!
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-What”s more important tires or qualifying?
-KERS, DRS, and TURES!!!
-Qualy v. race pace
-Get better Rob Kubica!
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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-Watch our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpiJ6WGsMbI

5 thoughts on “F1Show 089: Turkish & Spanish Grands Prix 2011”

  1. Just discovered you folk. Cool stuff.

    Re: kers, drs, trs
    What happens if (for whatever reason) gear ratios become important….kers, drs, trs, and grs!

    Re: Race of the Americas
    Are the races in Canada and Brazil chopped liver? It should be the US Grand Prix, Grand Prix of Austin, or Grand Prix of Texas. A Texas themed Grand Prix would be awesome. (We have an entire province Texas themed up here in Canada)

    To sum: Love the shows. I will eagerly await for the next show.

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