F1Show 088: Malaysian & Chinese Grands Prix 2011

-F1Show: Four years old!
-Malaysian Grand Prix review
-Chinese food! Tastes like kittens, meow-mein, yummy!!
-Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying, what a spectacle!
-Lewis Hamilton, cries for joy on the top step of the casino online podium!
-Mark Webber shreds all inferior tire-laden cars to take 3rd!
-Red Bulls race pace vs quali pace.
-Tire strategy, is pole position really worth it?
-Circuit of da Mericas!
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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3 thoughts on “F1Show 088: Malaysian & Chinese Grands Prix 2011”

  1. Hey guys
    Great show happy birthday to you guy for about two weeks ago.It’s great to see someone other than Vettel win the race in china .What a race for Webber finishing third from eighteenth . Spain predictions vettel, webber .can’t wait for Turkey and Spain podcast.

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