F1Show 087: Australian Grand Prix 2011

-2011 Season introduction
-All the news since our last update: Robert Kubica, Pirelli, Bahrain
-Updates from the race weekend in Melbourne
-Out take on KERS, DRS, sprinklers, and more!
-Listener feedback, trivia, and predictions.
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3 thoughts on “F1Show 087: Australian Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Hey, great to hear from you guys again. Loved the season opening intro you had on the podcast. Anyway down to business.

    I wonder if there was something wrong with Webber’s chassis because while Vettel is great at what he does we’ve seen that Webber can match him or be very close to him on pace but being that far behind his team-mate in quali and the race was rather strange. I guess we’ll find out in Malaysia what was going on.

    Malaysia GP predictions…

    Pole – Webber
    Win – Webber

    And Hispania Racing to fail the 107% Malaysian GP pole time with both cars.

  2. Hi Guys. Another season, another great edition of the F1 Show!

    Ken, it may be that Mark Webber just doesn’t get on with the Melbourne circuit. I think that 5th equals his best ever finish there which is a shame for him, it would be great to see him win his home race. I think he’ll be much closer to Vettel from now on.

    The way some journalists here are talking the season is all but over already. While it wouldn’t entirely surprise me to see Vettel run away with it, Hamilton drove a large part of the race with the floor of his car damaged and wasn’t too far behind, I’d expect Webber to improve from here as I said, Button’s problems weren’t to do with a lack of pace, surely Ferrari will also manage to improve from here, and who knows what Petrov can do now? Hopefully we can look forward to another exciting season.

    Predictions for Malaysia: Vettel for Pole, Button for the win, and (I agree with Ken) Hispania to be on their way home after Q1

  3. Hi guys great show
    Could you guys please do some more intros
    Webber is not as happy at red bull as sebastian is I wonder why ?????????
    Vettel is to fast way to fast he should have a 1000000 KG penalty
    Webber needs to set it up a notch and well done to sergio Perez for the 7 th place

    Predictions for Malaysia vettel for pole and for the win

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