F1Show 083: Brazilian Grand Prix 2010

-Brazilian Steak House = Awesome!
-Red Bull fastest in practice 2
-Epic Qualifying! Williams Driver Nico Hulkenberg on Pole!
-Rookie Nico Hulkenberg over 1000 milliseconds faster than second place!
-23 year-old Nico Hulkenberg owns Pole in manic wet-drying conditions!!!
-Sebastian Vettel wins the Brazilian Grand Prix for Red Bull
-Red Bull wins 2010 Formula 1 constructors championship
-Fernando Alonso leads drivers championship by 8 points
-We discuss Red Bull’s decision to not let Webber past Vettel
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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13 thoughts on “F1Show 083: Brazilian Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Great show as always guys.

    It seems you are in a different world when it comes to seeing how many people support Webber. I dont see a lot of support for him around the webs.

    I a strange sort of way I would almost like to see Webber leave at the end of this year. RBR really need to get a true 2nd driver in the dar (like Woobins) if they are really wanting Vettel to be number one.

    RBR have screwed themselves out of the WDC this year by not supporting Webber. If the next race unfolds like this one (having the order VET, WEB, ALO), there is no way that Vettel will let Webber past because if Alonso drops out and the two RBR’s have switched positions Webber would then have to let Vettel back past so VET can take the WDC.

  2. I see a lot of support for Webber. I think us Brits consider him an honorary Brit, and in the absence of Hamilton or Button I’d like to see him crowned champion. Considering the odds of Hamilton winning I will be rooting for Webber on Sunday.

    He is very likeable, appears an honest and open chap, and I think the fact that he’s at the end of his career makes him more desirable than Vettel or Alonso (or is it that Desperate Dan chin?).

    Funnily enough, even though Vettel appears personable and reportedly enjoys British humour, I just don’t get the same vibe with him. I find him disingenuous. That said, I’m a Hamilton fan, and I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on his TV persona. 🙂

    As you rightly point out: the last race looks to be fascinating. I can’t wait.

  3. Hi,

    Great podcast as always.

    Predictions for the next race:

    Pole: Vettel
    1st: Webber
    2nd: Vettel
    3rd Alonso

    In answer to the question for the first F1 constructors champions, it was Vanwall in 1958, a British team.

  4. Hi guys, great show as always.

    This is really the only place on the web that I follow F1 so I can’t comment on other web discussions but I have to agree with Neil that there is a lot of support for Webber in Britain, especially now Button and Hamilton are effectively out of it. Its just a shame that there doesn’t seem to be so much support for him in Red Bull! I’ll be rooting for Webber on Sunday too.

    Trivia: “Nobody guessed Jody Scheckter”! Thanks guys. Having said that I had no idea about the answer to this episode’s trivia question until I read Chris’s comment.

    Predictions: With my heart as much as with my head I have to say Webber for pole and the win.

  5. I just want my name read out in the last podcast. 😉

    Pole: Vettel
    1st: Vettel up until the third last lap
    2nd: Webber, up until the third last lap
    3rd: Petrov
    4th Hamilton
    5th Alonso

    Also, everyone I speak to seems to back Webber if their own favourite drops out of contention. He’s just a nice guy and has been going for so long you gotta love his grit and determination.

  6. Sorry, boring prediction, not result (argh, why no edit?!)

    I’d love to see Webber get pole and first without Seb’s help, and I’d really like to see Hamilton get into the mix and end up helping Webber out; I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

  7. Hey guys,

    2010 has been a great season, not just for Webber but for F1. Sad it’s coming to an end.

    Abu Dhabi Race Predictions…

    Webber for Pole
    Webber for the Win
    Webber WDC 2010

    And hopefully Aussie Sports Performance of the Year (I put a link up on The F1 Show Facebook page if anyone wants to vote for him.


    What Chris Allsopp said.

  8. If Webber had been pushing Vettel at all, I think the RBR “decision” would be a legit issue. I’ve only been watching F1 for a couple years, so the only “team orders” I’ve witnessed was the Alonzo/Massa event.

    If I recall, Alonzo was right up with Massa and was looking a little faster. So I’m not sure you can compare the two events, despite point situation that was at play in Brazil.

    Like you guys, I’d prefer to see the “Dreamy” Mr. Webber get the championship and feel Vettel is hard to support (if only due to jealousy over his obvious talent and youth). But as far as Abu Dhabi predictions go, my head and my heart don’t exactly agree.

    Pole: Vettel
    Win and Championship: Alonzo

    Awesome shows all year guys. Please post as many podcasts as you can during the offseason.

  9. Trivia question;the obvious choice would be Ferrari and Italy! However, my longshot guess is Alfa Romeo and Italy. I remember the CNBC story about Enzo Ferrari, where there was mention of Alfa Romeo in racing about the early F1 period.
    As for this weekend, my gut predicts Hamilton for pole and race winner. For WDC, my brain says Alonso, but my gut says Webber. So Alonso is my final answer!
    Finally, I really enjoyed the Red Bull discussion and Brazil GP wrap-up. Outstanding season; beats 2007! New rules, new teams, new tracks, and yet the sames characters – McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull. Return of Schumacher, Sauber, and Lotus. And it seems some teams are gaining solid financial footing for 2011; Sauber, HRT, Williams, Renault, and Virgin.
    2011 could possibly match this year?

  10. Not to change the subject but I believe this is the year of Spain. They are World Cup soccer winners and I also believe 125, Moto2 and MotoGP Champions….so no pressure on Alonso on then 🙂

    This Tifoso bleeds red but would not mind if Webber wins the Drivers’ Championship as he clearly has earned it by driving his pants off.

    My only prediction is Kubica to show and believe as fans we have all won since the season was competitive and exciting.

    So looking forward to 2011!

  11. Have just listened to last weeks podcast and after the qualifying today at Abu Dhabi what chances for a conspiracy theory with Jenson and Lewis letting Mark through as one is a mate and the other doesnt want either Seb or especially Fernando to win the title?? Sounds far fetched? but all the drivers are in position and Mark should be able to deal with Alonso and if the 2 McClarens act as his rear gunner the title will be his and all of those years in F1 will be rewarded.
    Great show guys

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