F1Show 082: Korean Grand Prix 2010

-Just as the Asphalt dries, it gets wet again
-Korean BBQ, yes please!
-Rain ravages the Red Bulls
-Fernando Alonso Wins the Korean Grand Prix!
-Fernando Alonso leads the Driver’s World Championship
-Lewis keeps his championship hopes alive, finishing 2nd
-Jenson Button drives well enough to end his Championship hopes
-Petrov punts wide of the mark, hits the wall
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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14 thoughts on “F1Show 082: Korean Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Hey guys, here’s some trivia of my own.

    Red Bulls last double DNF before the Korean GP was at the 2008 Australian GP where Webber and Coulthard crashed out in separate incidents. Vettel also crashed out of that race in the STR-Ferrari.

    Brazilian GP Race Predictions…

    Webber for pole and the win.

    Webber knows he has to win at least one more race if he is to clinch the 2010 WDC so after his DNF at the Korean GP he won’t be holding anything back. He also qualified 2nd and won the race in 2009.


    I think Juan Manuel Fangio won the WDC on his debut season with Ferrari in 1956.

  2. Hey guys great show as always

    Alonso deserved the win .
    I still think that Webber can win the WDC
    This year cause he has the coolest head of the top five drivers .
    On one of the tracks I race on the last corner there is a bump on the apex witch hurts your legs as they bump the fuel tank .

    The last time that a driver won the WDC for Ferrari in there fist season was Juan manuel fangio in 1956 I think

    Massa on pole and Alonso to win
    The race.

  3. Trivia: Kimi Raikkonen won the F1 title in his first year with Ferrari. Remember Brazil 2007 he went 3rd to title. Very similiar to this year, Kimi won the first race, fell off the scene, regrouped at Spa, and won Brazil(with help from Massa).

  4. Hi guys, thanks for another great show.

    I agree with Henry that Mark Webber certainly isn’t out of the championship, but the fact that Massa will be doing anything he can to help Alonso, and Webber and Vettel will be racing against each other might not help him depending on how the last two races pan out. (PS. Henry, my comment about “Kobaybashi” wasn’t intended to offend. I hope it didn’t and apologise if it did.)

    Trivia: as well as Fangio in 1956 and Raikkonen in 2007 I think Jody Scheckter was in his first season at Ferreri when he won the championship in 1979.

  5. Pole: Massa
    1st: Alonso
    2nd: Webber
    3rd: Hamilton
    Fastest Lap: Vettel

    *Bonus* Bruno Senna to accrue points !!

  6. Tony it’s fine it didn’t offend me and I do agee that Massa will help Alonso as much as he can.

  7. Another great show!

    Trivia: Raikkonen in 2007. I know there are some earlier too but I would have to Google-cheat and look it up.

  8. I’ve only started listening to your show since the Turkish GP and have not missed a show since! Love it!!

    Answer:Juan Manuel Fangio, 1956

    As for predictions: Pole: Vettel
    1st: Webber

    What a race of highs and lows! When Webber crashed I cried and when Vettel’s engine decided to pack it in I was giving out high fives.
    I would love to see Webber and Red Bull win the championship but not Vettel. (Great driver but a bit cocky)

    Can’t wait for episode 83!!

  9. I picked up from the BBC coverage that Vettel was wearing a smoked visor, no wonder that he was saying that it was getting to dark to race when the others namely Hamilton were OK. Just a thought, maybe this is why he runs into the other cars, I still haven’t forgiven him for taking out Button at Spa.


    Vettel Pole
    Hamilton for the win
    Button to get a podium

  10. No matter what happens in the race this afternoon, or what happened in qualifying yesterday, the best driver in Sau Paulo this weekend has to be the guy that got Jenson Button and his people back to their hotel safely yesterday. The news here has been fairly sketchy so far, but all the reports contain the words “six men with machine guns”! Jenson is quoted as describing the guy as “a legend”.

    I go to the British GP every year and a lot of the drivers stay at or visit a hotel very near where we camp. Over the years I’ve seen Button, de la Rosa, Kubica, Kovalinen, Barrichello and Sato all chatting with fans and signing autographs on their way in or out. Presumably a lot of the others have done the same when I haven’t been passing. Obviously after an incident like this the main concern has to be security but I hope it doesn’t mean that the drivers will become less accessible to the fans in future.

  11. Since the obvious answer would be Ferrari, which is probably wrong! This is a longshot guess on the trivia question; Alfa Romeo/Italy. My prediction for this week; Hamilton pole/winner and Alonso/WDC. By the way, very good podcast on the Brazil GP. I really enjoyed the championship discussion! Good insight on the Red Bull driver situation.

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