F1Show 081: Japanese Grand Prix 2010

-Culture of the race, Sushi, Soba, Soda, Soo Good!
-Friday practice, it was lovely
-Qualifying, not so much. Boat Racing!
-Race Report???
-Kamui Kobayashi is the NEW Takuma Sato!
-Jenson Button goes for tire strategy trickyness
-Sebastian Vettel Wins the Japanese Grand Prix!
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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25 thoughts on “F1Show 081: Japanese Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Webber has got to win in the next three races. If he allows Vettel to win and he takes second Vettel will still get the WDC… I am so very nervous.

  2. Thanks for the mention in the podcast last week (surname pronounced All Sopp). Shame you idn’t give marshalling a shout out, perhaps next time.

    Prediction for Korea >
    Pole – Hamilton
    Race Win – Vettel
    Fastest Lap – Vettel

  3. @Michael I think Mark can outperform Vettel under the kind of pressure that is now mounted on the two of them now, so I’m hopeful things will go his way.

    @Chris I meant to talk more about your comment about marshalling on the show but due to Robin’s racing adventures we had to rush to get the show together and that got left out. I would like to bring it up in the future, though.


  4. Jim are you aware that Hamilton will be getting another 5 grid drop because of his gearbox? Hami on pole is nigh-on-impossible.

    Looks like Korea is going ahead now. It has the FIA seal of approval.

    Great show as always.


  5. Hey guys great show
    I had the best day on Sunday because I watched the Bathurst 1000
    and F1 .
    I’m probably going to the Auzzie Gp in 2011
    When i saw Kobayashi hit the toro roso I made up a nick name for him Kobaybashi.
    Robin you were right about Jenson being a triathlete.


    fastest lap to webber .

  6. Hey guys, you finally pronounced my last name correctly. I owe you a coke for that.

    According to Mclaren it was a dog-ring failure (whatever that means) on Hamilton’s gearbox that can be fixed without incurring a 5 place grid penalty for the Korean GP. Here’s hoping they are wrong (I’m a Webber fan Obviously).

    Korean GP Race Predictions…Drum Roll…

    Webber for Pole
    Webber for the Win
    Webber for the Fastest Lap
    Vettel for Second Place
    Alonso for Third Place
    Hamilton to DNF


    McDreamy What??????

  7. This championship is getting so tight it is awesome. I really want Webber to get the championship. He completely deserves it, and hopefully he can put it together.

    If it is not Mark, then anyone but Alonso. Not really sure why I despise the Spaniard driver so much. Oh well…

    Before predictions: What in the world is going on with Mercedes and Schumacher. After Suzuka, Schumacher comes saying he did well because his and Rosberg’s cars were equal WTF?!! and Norbert Haug agrees with him http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/11102010/23/schumacher-mercedes-cars.html. and now Schumacher published a statement on his website saying that his relationship with the team is strong enough to allow criticism. ( 10/12/2010 statement)

    This is all too fascinating. I really want to know what is going on behind the scene there.


  8. I’ve registered to this site but how do you guys get your profile picture to appear next to your comments?

  9. Ken, I think you may need to set up a Gravatar account. I’ve just created one, let’s see. 🙂

  10. @Henry I do love those multi-race days, like a lot of Indy races where they run ALMS the same day, a great way to spend a Sunday.

    @Ken I think sometimes Robin starts saying a word (or in your case a surname) before reading the whole thing, and sometimes that doesn’t suit him so well… ; ) Glad to hear one of us got it right, though!

    @Rantsonf1 I generally agree with you on who I’d like to see take the WDC… It’d be huge for Webber or Hamilton, slightly less cool but still cool to see Vettel win it, and I just can’t get behind Alonso winning his third. But who knows… Also that is interesting about what’s going on at Mercedes. We’ll see if there are any more developments on those relationships before the end of the season.

    @Neil thanks for the Gravatar tip. It’s always good to see commenters helping other commenters, makes our job easier!


  11. Cant believe how little comments you guys get – the Mark Webber bit was very funny and very naughty – making it all the funnier. But don’t do it again.

  12. Webber is the only one (it appears) without the trophy wife – she did drive him to where he is (she’s part of his management group).

    I saw an interview in were you got the impression he doesn’t miss out on anything (what happens on the road, stays on the road).

    Sometimes the world is too pollitically correct – you called it as you saw it. Well done. She’s a nice girl, but no super model.

    BTW Korean:

    poll Lewis

    FL a force india

    Vettal takes Webber and Also out in grazy 1st lat left hand overtaking move because he started 4th..

    Lewis’s engine give out 2 lapes before end while in lead..

    (Oh – is this any crazier then some other races this year?)

  13. I don’t normally post on these things but being a female formula one fan, I felt I had to answer the trivia question and say that clearly Mark Webber is the dreamiest McDreamy in all the land – that sexy man is the whole reason I started following the sport! And I believe Jim’s wife is also quite the Webber fan, and obviously she has great taste in men, so that means the answer has to be Webber!

  14. @Julie. 100% Agree MW is the answer. I have to admit I have a man-crush on him.

  15. Hi Guys,
    classy move for apologising to Marks partner… Great show, plenty of laugh out loud moments and as ever great info and discussion, my most anticipated pod cast….

    I think Webber is going to win Korea. I don’t think Sebastian is up to setting up his car, and I don’t think he will be able to go all that well if the car is not 100% with right.

    McLaren has ceased updating their car, so while quick I think they will be off the pace compared to the flying cows.

    Alonso is the dark horse in the mix and could spoil the party…. my prediction:

    Webber to Win
    Webber on Pole
    Someone else on fastest lap.

  16. Hello,

    I appreciated your last podcast greatly. I say its time I put last podcast’s issue behind us.

    As to predictions for Korea I have no idea, al;though I will predict contact. Anybody could hit anybody (although Jenson is slightly less likely)


  17. In a fit of optimism I’m going to predict:

    Pole: Hamilton

    1. Hamilton
    2. Button
    3. Vettel

    Fastest lap: Vettel – maybe Webber again 😉

    The only way I see to get Hamilton back in contention.

    It’s not fair to pick this as the listener’s submission though! (I should be safe, I was picked for Monza.)

    PS: Really enjoying the podcast: I’ve been a listener since Canada I think. I listen to it while running, and enjoy your race synopsis mixed with humour and general banter (the LeMons piece was good fun). Gotta love the Snakecharmer intro as well. 🙂 Thanks for the effort you guys put in.

  18. maybe not F1 per say, but can we get some tips on GMAT especially data sufficiency. I need a 700+ score and DS section is killing me.

    On the Merc front, there seems to be a lot of positioning going on for next year especially with Rosberg over the past week. I am starting to believe that they are going to give Schumacher his car next year ( as they should considering that he is a 7 time champion) If he still can’t deliver then he will probably be out. If he does, I am gonna be a very smug SOB

  19. Hi guys, been really busy lately and only just got time to listen to the last show. Great show as usual.

    Re Hamilton’s gearbox, if I understand the rules correctly (and I must admit that that’s a pretty big if) because he already had a grid penalty for a gearbox failure at the Japanese GP he wouldn’t be penalised for a change arising from another failure at the same meeting, although if what Ken has heard is correct this won’t be an issue anyway.

    Sorry Henry, but Martin Brundle has been referring to Kobaybashi on the BBC coverage for a couple of races now.

    Predictions: McLaren have to win this race to have any chance of staying in the title race, and I don’t think anyone else is going to have any major upgrades now with the remaining races all so far from Europe. I think Hamilton might just get pole (for pretty much the same reasons as you said in the show). I’ll go with Button for the win just because I think that would make things even more exciting for the last 2 races.

    Trivia: What?

  20. Hi again
    Tony do you know that we don’t get the bbc in down under.
    Thanks Jim for replying to me and I owe you a thanks for using my preditions on the show.

  21. before you guys start recording

    Great race by Schumi YAY!!!

    Great race by Luizzi YAY!!!

    Why did Alonso have to win, why?!!!

    sorry I am pretty drunk and it is very late here

  22. Hi guys I hope that this gets to you befor the podcast
    is recored

    What a race it was crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sad that Webber crashed but great that Alonso won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why did they have too delay the race I was with Hamilton on the weather thing .
    I wonder how Vettels 8th engine blew up and why he has a 10 grid spot penalty at the next race hmm.
    I can’t see how Buttons race went from good to bad.
    What a good race for Shumi he is still a wet weather master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will answer the trivia when I get to listen to the podcast but I will predict now I think Webber on pole and Alonso to win the race.

    See ya later

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