F1Show 080: Grand Prix of Singapore 2010

-Nick Heidfeld replaces Pedro De La Rosa in the BMW Sauber
-Christian Klien replaces Sam Yamamoto in the HRT
-2013 F1 cars, what will they be? Is change good?
-Alonso, Vettel, and Hamilton top 3 for Singapore qualifying
-Fernando Alonso, absolutely unflappable wins in Singapore!!!
-Webber still leads the Driver’s Championship, finishing 3rd
-Hamilton makes it two in a row!! DNF’s that is.
-Massa makes Lemonade and officially finishes 8th in Singapore
-Robert Kubica very fast in the Renault to finish 7th
-Who will win the Formula 1 world championship?
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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11 thoughts on “F1Show 080: Grand Prix of Singapore 2010”

  1. Hey guy, as always, great show.


    Vettel for Pole
    Webber for the Win
    Hamilton for DNF


    I think the last Grand Prix where all the drivers finished the race was the 2005 Italian GP (Monza).

  2. I have enjoyed f1show over the last couple of months.

    I was very disappointed with your comments regarding Mark Webber’s partner. They were unprofessional (you should have known better) and unnecessary.

    Not everybody stays a 14yr schoolboy Jim. You need to move on.

    Good luck


  3. Haven’t listened to the Podcast yet. Just wanted to say that if this season get any more exciting my wife will think I have aged 50 years because of all the shaking I am doing.

    It looks to me that Webber is finially getting all his good luck he missed out on during his career in this one season… Maybe this one race.

    Predictions… As always.
    Webber – Pole
    Webber – Win
    Webber – Fastest lap

    So… Do you think Korea will be going ahead?

  4. Love the show.

    Predictions for Suzuka:

    Pole – Vettel
    Winner – Webber
    Fastest Lap – Vettel

    I believe that Red Bull will dominate, and that although Vettel will be out front, there will be a race call for him to move over for Webber to come through.

    Chris, England

    P.S, Please give a mention on the next podcast to the Marshalls who work, voluntarily at the circuits, not just F1 but every kind of motorsport. In England the following website gives details of how to become a marshal. http://www.marshals.co.uk/

    Fill in a form, pay £20 and you can stand only feet away from a single seater going over 100mph. A lot of the guys from England went to Abu Dhabi last year, and will be again this year. Awesome !

    Want more details just let me know, it could be a good feature for the show 😉

  5. It suprises me just how many people are coming out of the woodwork as Webber supporters.

    Take a look at old posts in every single forum (especially Autosport) and you will find so much hate for the guy.

    Talk about fair-weather-fans.

    PS I am not talking about you guys because you have always been supportive and fair regarding Webber… Maybe a bit harsh on his wife, I am sure she is a lovely person.

    PPS Even if his wife isn’t a “stunner” he has a couple of great dogs.

  6. Hey guys

    predictions for Japan
    Alonso on pole and the win.

    trivia the last time all the drivers finished was in Italy in 2005

    What a fantastic drive from Alonso he deserved the win
    finally the FIA penalised Hulkenberg for cutting the corner.
    `i’m doing taste of the race at home and also predicting.
    Because I’m go kart racer the Australian festival of speed has asked me and some other racers to do some laps at the circuit and apparently Mark Webber is going to be there !!!

    Thanks for mentioning me


  7. Hi guys, love the show. Being from the European continent, I didn’t think there’s much of an F1 following of in the US cos of your Indycar, Nascar, etc. But since first downloading your podcast for Monaco, I have never looked back! I love the intelligent insights, mixed in with some light-hearted banter!
    I would just like to ask a question to you both; in your opinions, does Europe breathe better racers than the US? Is F1 truly the top of world echelon in terms of collective talents and skills? Or is that another European myth busted? I look forward to your response!

  8. Guys… mellow out on Mark Webber’s wife. There’s nothing wrong with her. She’s 13 years older than Mark and she’s not one of the stereotypical model looking girls that most f1 drivers marry. I think that’s actually refreshing. I look at most of the driver’s wives, and while they are attractive, I wonder how many of them really have personality or brains. I’m sure some do. I’m sure many do not.

    Glad Webber has a woman he loves, and (hopefully) sticks to through thick and thin.

  9. Suzuka quali:

    Suzuka race:

    Reasons: Vettel and Hamilton fly at Suzuka always, but RBR should be superior to McLaren on this track. Alonso will be faster than Webber, but keeping in mind how harsh Suzuka is on car mechanicals and that Alonso/Ferrari are running out of engines Webber should have the superior long distance/race car.

    Also keep your eyes peeled for awesome performances from Rosberg, Heidfeld, Massa, Barrichelo and Kubica. Don’t forget Barrichelo lived and raced in Japan for many years! Suzuka is like a home track for him!

    On Webbers partner: a little unfair your comments. These two have come along through thick and thin in life and the fact that they’ve always described each other as their “life partners” instead of girlfriend/wife/partner speaks for itself. Makes Webber only even more normal and ‘acceptable’ as a hero to us mere mortals!

    On Schumacher: I’m unfortunately a life time fan of the old man, but to find probably the most accurate and realistic assessment of Schumi and his lost form please read the blog on Schuumacher currently on the BBC F1 website. I cannot agree more with this authors assessment.

    On new tech: could you please attempt a proper explanation of the difference between aerodynamics and ground effects? I’m a bit confused about it? Aren’t they both the same except the one pushes the car down and the other sucks it down? Will it really effect racing that more differently than aero?

    On new rules: I’ve ALWAYS said since the mid 90’s that F1 can what it wants with powertrains, fuel, pitstops, and aero but to really make racing better they should have only two tyre compounds available for dry and two for wet: a super, super, super soft (lasts maximum 20 laps but gives AWESOME grip) and a soft (only able to finish a full race on a wing and a prayer). That way you’ll always have overtaking and massive strategy games coupled with drivers being able to make a noticeable difference: the three most important ingredients to F1!

    Sorry for the long message: you can probably tell I’ve only recently discovered your podcast. You’ll be hearing much more of me in the future 🙂



  10. race prediction:


    Hamilton DNF

    Although Barrichelo usually puts in perfomance at Suzuka!

    An amazing season, still suprised that the old man of F1 Schumi is not faster than his team mate by now

  11. Another great show guys. I didn’t think the racing was that good in Singapore. and the corners can blend into each others after a while. Thanks to Heikki for giving us some entertainment towards the end.

    I cannot wait for the Japanese GP, not only do I get to watch it live at a good hour ( west coast) a bunch of F1 fans are taking over a part of a bar in Seattle to watch the race live.

    Japan usually provides excitement, and it takes big cajones to lay down really good laps.

    My predictions is that Red Bull will do very well, but it has been hard to judge the Ferrari form since they really weren’t the fastest car on track in singapore.

    Race prediction:
    1- Webber
    2- Alonso

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