F1Show 079: Italian Grand Prix 2010

-DHB’s! Ferrari and team orders, no more punishment
-Button fast on Friday
-Taste of the race? Pizza!
-Alonso wins pole at Monza for Ferrari!
-Alonso wins the Monza Grand Prix for Ferrari!
-Button back in the championship hunt after finishing second.
-Hamilton three-wheels it to the sand traps on the first lap!
-Webber, another poor start jeopardizes championship hopes
-Hulkenburg gets lucky avoiding penalty for his off-track excursions
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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10 thoughts on “F1Show 079: Italian Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Just about to begin listening to the podcast, but thought I would get in early.

    Happy and dissapointed at the results of the Monza GP.

    Given this was RBR’s worst race on paper they were so lucky to come away in the position they did.

    The bottom four in the top five were so very lucky that Hamilton snuffed it, once again.

    That is all… For now.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Great Show! Webber blew it again! He’s going to have to get his starts sorted if he’s to have any chance of winning this years world championship and what was he thinking hanging back hoping Hulkenberg was going to get a penalty! I don’t think this changed the results but you never know!

    Here’s s question… Why is the “F-Duct” called an “F-Duct”?

    See you in show 80.


  3. Hey guys,
    Great show as always I couldn’t believe that I correctly
    predicted the race.
    Here in down under we have a similar problem that you have in the USA because all the good race drivers go to v8 super cars Australia
    and don’t go to europe .Great race for Alonso but i think that Hulkenberg should have got a penalty for cutting the corners.
    I was looking on the twitter page and no mountain dew is here in Australia.

    trivia i have no idea

    Predictions Vettel on pole and Vettel as the winner.

  4. @Mark, The F duct get its name from where the duct is postioned on the car. It lines up the word Voda’F’one on the car!

  5. Hey guys, happy 80th Podcast, for the Singapore GP that is.

    Monza was a weird race for Red Bull. Vettel finished where Webber started and Webber finished where Vettel started.

    It’s also rumoured Nick Heidfeld could replace Sauber’s Pedro De la Rosa for the rest of the season starting at Singapore.

  6. Hi guys, great show as always.

    A good result for the championship, although my predictions were way off (as they usually are, I just normally have the sense to keep them to myself). 2007 and 2008 were close but we might see an even closer finish this year.

    Having retired drivers as stewards has worked really well this year, but it seems to have fallen down at this race. I really can’t see how Hulkenberg could stay in front of Webber by cutting so many chicanes so many times and not get a penalty. Having said that I’m certainly not qualified to question Emmerson Fittipaldi’s judgement, and if the BBC’s coverage was correct the matter wasn’t even referred to the stewards, so I’m not really sure what was going on there.

    To follow on from Ken’s comment, I’ve just read on formula1.com that Nick Heidfeld will be replacing Pedro De La Rosa at Sauber for the rest of the season. Has anybody got any idea what’s going to happen about testing Pirelli’s tyres for next season now?

    Trivia: I hate to be pedantic, but I am, so what can you do? I was fairly confident that Patrese raced in 256 GPs, so after you gave the answer as 257 I had a look at riccardopatrese.com. It has a big banner across the top of the page describing him as “the driver who competed in a record 256 Grand Prix”. Discuss. (Incidentally, according to riccardopatrese.com 234 people “like” him on facebook. You’re more than 3 times more popular than Riccardo Patrese guys!)

    As for the fastest lap ever, I have vague memories of Montoya setting record average speeds in a Williams at Monza in the early 2000s, but that’s the best I can do.

    More way off predictions: Webber for pole, Button to win

  7. guys love the podcast

    I listen to your podcast on headphones connected to an mp3 player, probably like most of your listeners. I love listening to your podcast but the musical interlude between sections, please could you not have it at like ten times the volume of your voices. it’s so loud it hurts the ears and there is no need for it to be like that

    i am listening to your voices, then bang, music so loud i have to rip off my headphones. and this happens several times a podcast. please could you have the music at the same sound level as your voices? it is ruining a great podcast at the moment



  8. Another great show guys enjoy hearing your thoughts. This season is biulding to the best ever championship. Would be great to see Mark Webber win it.



  9. @Michael

    thanks for the heads up on that. I’ll double-check our levels on the next episode. Sorry to blow your headphones off!

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