F1Show 078: Belgian Grand Prix 2010

-USGP 2012, we have a track layout!!!
-They have Mexican food in Begium, right?
-Wet Practice at Spa mixed field
-Mark Webber on Pole for the Belgium Grand Prix
-Lewis Hamilton wins brilliantly at the Belgium Grand Prix
-Button’s Mclaren bonked and busted by the Bull’s Buffoon.
-Barichello starts his 300th GP!! Does not finish it…
-Alonso finishes the race? Not so much…
-Schuey keeps it clean and collects points for 7th.
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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7 thoughts on “F1Show 078: Belgian Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Quite a short one this week. Basically I am totally stoked (can’t believe I just said that) regarding the recent race at Spa.

    Webber made me panic big time after his start, because almost everyone in font of him was going to also pass him in the WDC standings.

    Lucky for me Vettel is a complete tool, took himself and Button out of the race (I feel bad for Button because he drives for my favourite team, and I much prefer him over Hamilton).

    Alonso just had a dog of a race.

    Felt bad for Kubica losing out in the pits, but since it was his fault I quickly got over it.

    Sad to see Webber lose the lead, but glad to see the gap increase between him and the chasing pack.

    Hopefully Webber can get it back in Monza.

    Webber for pole.
    Webber for the win.
    Webber for president.

    Keep up the great work guys. Awesome show as always.

  2. Another great show guys. As I’m an Aussie, it took me a couple of podcasts to get used to your accents, but all’s good now. Keep up the great work.

    As always…

    Webber for pole
    Webber for the win
    Webber for world domination

  3. Hey guys, good to hear your voices again for some reassurance that neither of you had died. Fantastic show as always, nice and long too.

    With the vettel/button incident I felt that the crash alone didn’t deserve a penalty, but when you factor in the circumstances, that button was forced to retire and vettel continued on, he had to be penalized. I’m certain had vettel been forced to retire also, there wouldn’t have been a penalty, I can’t realistically see a grid drop for the next race.


    Kubica on pole, webber for the win!

  4. Hi guys great to hear your voices again . Great show it was good to have a longer show again .

    When Vettel punted Button I disliked him even more than I already did and he definitely deserved the penalty.Here is a challange for you is there a season where ferrari or mclaren didn’t score a pole positon .

    triva I think Coultard has the most gp starts with 247 gp starts

    predictions Alonso is going to be on pole and for the win and Webber for world chamipon.

  5. Hi guys. Another great show, worth the wait.

    Ricardo Patrese held the record for the most GP starts until Rubens Barrichello took over – 256 I think. Michael Schumacher has also passed this number this season but until Barrichello retires or Schumacher retires again Patrese has the most starts of any retired driver.

    Predictions – Hamilton for pole, Button to win

  6. Hi guys, great show as always. Keep it up:-)
    My predictions for Monza:
    Pole: Hamilton
    Winner: Alonso

    By the way, the official formula 1 game is coming the 24. September it is meant to be released at the same time as Singapore GP. I will suggest the you guys buy it:-)

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