F1Show 077: Hungarian Grand Prix 2010

-Team orders, more like Team ODORS! Dang!!!!!
-Flexible front wings, Ferrari and Red Bull got ’em
-Red Bull super fast from Practice on
-Jensen Button out in Q2, WTF?
-Petrov out qualifies Kubica for the first time.
-Mark Webber takes his fourth win of the season in Hungary!
-Hamilton out of the race with a broken driveshaft
-The front wing endplate that changed the world!
-Barichello passes his old teammate mixed with a dollop of irony
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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9 thoughts on “F1Show 077: Hungarian Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Hey guys, fantastic show as always, particularly enjoyed the discussion on the Barrichello/Schumi incident. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to last a month with no F1, I daresay I’ll end up relistening to all the podcasts from earlier this season.

  2. michael schumacher has issued an apology to rubens, thats got to be the first time he has admitted his fault and taken responsibility since he came on the scene in 1992.
    i dont like the man but he has finally got a smidgin (thats english for a little bit!) of respect from me.

    great podcasts guys


  3. Hi guys, thanks for another enjoyable show.

    The way Mark Webber is driving at the moment I can’t see anyone beating him to the championship. OK, so that front wing end plate and Vettel’s “going to sleep” behind the safety car gave him the opportunity to win this race, but he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Another awesome drive. Webber seems to be making the most of his opportunities at the moment while the others are throwing theirs away.

    Schumacker’s move on Barrichello was disgraceful. Compare that to Nigel Mansell and Ayerton Senna fighting it out down the pit straight at Barcellona in 1991, two great drivers with a lot of respect for each other going right up to the limit but not a millimeter over it or, in this case, the second most experienced and most successful driver in F1 history who should know better doing something stupid and dangerous to make some kind of point. I dread to think what the consequences could have been if the driver on the receiving end hadn’t been the most experienced and able to deal with it, just. I used to have a lot of respect for Schumacker but after the move he pulled on Kubica, and now this I’m not so sure.

    The answer to the trivia question is Ayerton Senna (who else would it be?) with 8 consecutive poles from the 1988 Spanish GP to the 1989 US GP. The most consecutive poles for any of the current drivers is Michael Schumacker (again, who else would it be?) with 7 from the 2000 Italian GP to the 2001 Brazilian GP (Senna and Alain Prost also recorded runs of 7 consecutive poles in their careers). This was, of course, before Schumacker was old! Please stop going on about how incredibly old he is. After all he’s only 3 weeks older than me, so a youngster really.

  4. Great show and review of the race guys.

    I will try to make this short, but know it wont be… Why do I even try to make that promise.

    Dot points.

    1. Webber winning – As soon as I noticed he didn’t pit I thought it was a great tactical move on RBR’s part. Not only did they have superior speed but they also were very soft on their tyres, so I had no doubt that Webber was going to be able to jump Alonso.

    I was uprised to see that Vettel couldn’t keep up with Webber after the Safety Car, and I don’t believe he was trying to hold up the field to help Webber out.

    Can you really see Vettel being that nice and helping Webber out? How effective are you really at holding someone up who is 3 seconds or more behind you? So no, I dont believe Vettel was deliberatly slow, I think he was just strugelling on the hard compound.

    2. Vettel – What a whinger!! Seriously he needs to grow up and stop acting like the world owes him a favour/break. He is constantly trying to shift the blame and that pisses me off. I thought he was beginning to calm down a bit and concentrate on the racing, however I now fear he will return to the startline chops, overly agressive driving, and getting the red mist whenever he comes within crashing distance of Webber.

    3. Vettels pole – Mega… That is all.

    4. Schumacher VS Barrichello – Why is everyone so shocked at this move? Its not like MSC has even chopped a driver like that, or even hit them to stop them passing before… Has he? Seriously, he was far too agressive, that is all I have to say on him.

    5. Petrov – Fantastic drive, great showing from him. I hope he continues to improve and stays on for 2011.

    6. The start – Webber really lost out by being on the dirty side of the track, but was lucky to only lose one position.

    If Alonso had of made it past Vettel at the start Vettel would have won the race… My reasoning… Alonso gets past VET and WEB, leads the race until the Safety Car, neither VET or WEB pit, and both get the 20sec gap on ALO, then pit and keep their 1-2 positions, Vet doesn’t have any car to remain within 10 car lengths at the restart, and therefore doesn’t get the penalty.

    7. Kobi – 7 places at the start. Super effort.

    8. Botched pit stops – Useless lollypop men causing accidents. Tyres bounding down the pitlane with hundreds of people in the danger zone was quite scary.

    Reasons enough to have pitting under the safetycar either banned or at least regulated better. But at least it provides entertainment.

    9. Algersuari – When your engine blows… GET OFF THE RACING LINE!!

    Anyway. I thank you guys for being one of the few to point out that the flexi wings photos are all shown going through the middle of a corner. Hopefully the FIA can sort out the rules to make all teams happy. Not that anything will ever make everyone happy when they are being beaten by a second a lap.

    A lot of people are saying they can see Webber going on to win the title. How things change in a race hey…

    Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to hearing your next podcast.


  5. Oh and what a way to lead into the final stretch of the season.

    100th race for RBR + Win + Third = Leading WCC title.

    150th race for Webber + Win = Leading WDC title.


    Predictions – Webber, Webber, Webber (Pole, Win, Fastest Lap).

  6. I should thank you for blaming for the world’s problems on me. You and my mother in law should get together and have a conference about how I ruined the world..

    On the other hand, another great episode boys!!
    It was an epic ( EPIC) drive by Mark Webber, and a stupid (STUPID) drive by Sebastian Vettel.

    On the Schumacher/Barrichello squeeze ( reversing myself already!!), I would partially agree with you that Schumacher did drive a bit too hard and squeezed Rubens too much. I think considering the atmosphere of the race (team orders and what not) neither one of the them was willing to give up, which is why they both drove like idiots. Yes I don’t think Rubens was completely faultless. if Schumacher’s move was so outrageous, he would have gotten a penalty and Rubens got the position without going off track to pass (yet no penalty). I think the outrage comes from the fact that the wall is there, otherwise I see no problem with the move on principal.

    Now off to predictions ( I have to redeem myself after all)

    I predict, bravely I might add, that Schumacher will qualify at least 10 positions behind his teammate.

  7. Great show guys .

    Great drive by Webber not so good for Vettel.

    When Schumacher squeezed Barrichello it was ridiculous
    he really deserved the ten grid slots penalty .


    I predict that Vettel will get pole and Alonso will win and Schumacher will
    qualify 14 positions behind Nico Rosberg.

  8. Hi guys again

    I’m a go-kart racer and doing well .Robin can you please start
    doing your intros again and predicting thirteenth place as well.


    I think that Massa has the record for the most conceitive poles

  9. Hi guys. Great show as always:-) Keep it up. This is my predictions for Spa:

    Pole: Vettel
    Winner: Hamiltion

    Cheers from Stian from Norway:-)

    PS: Varhaug is the next coming superstar in Formula 1:-)

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