F1Show 076: German Grand Prix 2010

-Step aside Karun! It’s Sakon’s seat.
-Hamilton spins and crashes in the wet morning practice
-Liuzzi spins and crashes in the dry qualifying
-Sebastian Vettel on Pole for Red Bull by 0.002 seconds!!!
-Spanish Headline: Alonso Wins the German Grand Prix!!!
-Brazilian Headline: Massa forced to let Alonso Win th…
-Ferrari, attempts blatant team orders, FIA slaps wrist
-Force India mixes and matches tires, badly damaging ego
-Red Bull may no longer have the fastest car
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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8 thoughts on “F1Show 076: German Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Hi guys, another entertaining show, although I’m not sure that Barrichello’s appearance on Top Gear should guarantee him a drive, maybe Clarkson should get a try, assuming somebody could build a car big enough.

    Not to defend Ferrari, but the situation with team orders was a bit different than in 2002, at that point Schumacher had won 4 of the 5 previous races and there was no to screw Rubens out of first, this year Alonso can use all the points he can get.
    It’s still a crappy way to win though.

    Trivia: Excluding drivers that only raced in the Indy 500 when it was part of the F1 season, the driver with the highest start/win ratio is Juan Manuel Fangio.

    Thanks for a great show – Rab.

  2. The trivia answer is Lee Wallard. 2 starts 1 win. 50% win ratio.

    or Like Rab said it’s Fangio

    24 wins in 51 Grand Prix starts, Fangio has the best win ratio, 47.06%

  3. Hi guys, thanks for another great show.

    The rule banning team orders is crazy and needs to be scrapped. There have always been team orders in Formula 1 (how many times did Sterling Moss let Fangio overtake him?), it’s part of the sport. I would prefer to see team mates racing each other all the way through every race, but that’s never going to happen so lets just be honest about it.

    In Turkey McLaren kept telling Hamilton and Button to save fuel when they clearly didn’t need to, everyone listening assumed that this was a coded instruction for them to stop racing each other, but because they weren’t as blatant about it as Ferrari were yesterday nothing was said about it.

    It seems that team orders are OK as long as a team has the sense not to make it obvious what they are doing.

    Having said that, Ferrari have made it obvious that they were breaking the rules, and I don’t see how the FIA can ignore that. Do other fans think that Ferrari should get more of a punishment than a fine? If so, what should the punishment be? One of the BBC commentators pointed out that a 5 second penalty for Alonso would be enough to give the win back to Massa, and I seem to remember Alonso complaining quite recently that 5 seconds wasn’t much of a penalty!

  4. Hey guys, great show as always and thanks for the shout out 🙂

    If you want to read the post I wrote with graphs showing laptime data, please click here: http://f1numbers.wordpress.com/2010/07/25/ferrari-fail-fumbling-fernando-and-felipe/

    IMO, the data show that it’s not conclusive Alonso was faster than Massa. I really dislike any form of team orders and especially the cynical way in which they were done yesterday.

    What sucks the most is that as much as I really like Alonso the driver, I am really starting to dislike him as a person because he seems to not care about how he wins, just to win at any cost.

    Like Sir Jackie Stewart says, “Winning Is Not Enough” – a true champion needs to win the hearts and minds of the F1 Community as well as just the races. What kind of legacy is he going to have if he keeps getting involved in all of these scandals?

  5. Oh, and the driver with the best winning percentages are those who took part in the Indy 500 in the 1950’s when it was still considered a round of the F1 World Championship. So Lee Wallard of the USA has the highest winning percentage with 50% – higher than Fangio (46%), Bill Vukovich (40%), Ascari (39%), and finally Schumacher (35%).

    The full list is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Formula_One_driver_records#Percentage_wins

  6. great episode guys, I am going to say Juan Manuel Fangio has the highest winning to starts ratio in Formula 1…

    I have seen this (http://www.planetf1.com/news/3213/6284592/Button-The-Blame-Belongs-To-Me) few places now and based on it, I will wait till next year to talk about Schumacher again ( I clearly withhold the right to reverse myself)

    Predictions for Hungary ( I am sad to say) Alonso for pole and win, though I would freely trade my first born to see Massa win!!

  7. Great show as always guys.

    Even though you questioned how to say my last name, you were actually one of the few people who got it correct first time… Corn-brek-a.

    Anyway onto the topic of the race.

    I dont agree with the people saying the rule should be scrapped, but there is a time and a place for team orders… This just wasn’t it. If you want to watch a sport with clear number ones, go and watch the Tour de France.

    The only driver that deserves a clear number one status is of course Mark Webber *I kid, I kid*

    I find it hard to get my head around why there has been such an uproar over the team orders in this particular race.

    It could be that it was because Alonso gained (a lot of people believe he is a cry baby).

    It could be that it was Massa who lost out, and people believe he deserves better after getting hit in the head with a spring.

    It could be because it was so obviously team orders and finially we could prove it as such.

    It could be that Ferrari have finally done something controversial this season, and the haters needed anything to jump up and down over.

    Finially it is interesting how the two different nations have reacted too. Spaniards have said it is a great thing, and Alonso deserves the win. The Brazillians are saying Massa is no longer regarded as a “racer” and that he is only there for the money.


    Predictions for Hungary? Well I am already too late for Quali, but I would have said Webber for pole and Webber for the win anyway, so I will stick with that. Like I said last race, this will alwayd be my prediction even after Webber has retired.

    As an Aussie, how could I do anything less?

    Keep up the good works guys.


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