F1Show 074: European Grand Prix 2010

-Picking Pirelli for properly pressured pneumatics
-Sauber-Ferrari loses its BMW
-107 percent of all fans think this is stupid
-Schumacher is back!
-Sorry meant to say, Schumacher is in the back!
-Williams makes a huge gain, Mercedes falls behind
-News Alert! Webber involved in a air crash, while racing…
-Sebastian Vettel Wins in Valencia!!!
-Lewis Hamilton penalized for passing the pace car, finishes 2nd
-Alonso whines about Hamilton, then gets passed by Kobayashi
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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3 thoughts on “F1Show 074: European Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Hi guys, great show as always, it’s nice to get the view of F1 fans from the other side of the Atlantic.
    I missed the Valencia race, because of a wedding, seems to be the season for it.

    Trivia answer: The first year for mandatory fireproof overalls was 1963, helmets were also made mandatory that year, although seat belts weren’t compulsory until 1972 !

    Thanks again for the show, looking forward to Silverstone next weekend.

  2. Hi guys,

    I’ve been listening to the show since the start of last season, but this is the first time I’ve got in touch. Great show.

    I remember the 107% rule being introduced in 1996 because of a team called Forti, who were so slow in 1995 that most commentators and the other teams referred to them as “mobile chicanes”. (Or maybe it was just Murray Walker.) The team started 10 races in 1996 and between their 2 cars they recorded 9 failures to qualify. (Please check this, my memory isn’t that good and I “checked” some of the detail on Wikipedia!)

    Wasn’t Webber trying to pass Kovalinen for position, not lap him?

    As as Englishman, where on earth did you get the idea of tartar sauce with fish and chips?

  3. Another great episode guys. I think you let Hamilton off the hook too easily. I am pretty a world champion can figure out where he is going to be in relation of a SC. He did what any other driver would have done including (hold your breath) Alonso. The problem is that race director took a long time refer incident to the stewards, who then took a long time to give the penalty.

    my predictions for Silverstone are: Webber for pole and Webber for the win. I also predict that Schumacher will score points and beat Rosberg.

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