F1Show 073: Canadian Grand Prix 2010

Twatting shnoates!
Bringing it Hard Copy style!
Poutine, and smoked meats!
Mclaren 1-2, Hamilton wins… Again!
61 pit stops, that’s 244 changed tires!
And more than a few front wings…
The Canadian GP experience, by Jim
Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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7 thoughts on “F1Show 073: Canadian Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Hey Guys! Big fan of the show!

    To add to your comments about the tires, I completely agree that Bridgestone did a great job in adding to the entertainment. On the BBC after show coverage they brought on a Bridgestone representative and congratulated him. It’s a shame they’re leaving. The only reason they are is because Bernie is reluctant to have another tire war and they can’t show they make superior tires. The man is an idiot. Only a fool would drop a consistently amazing venue like Canada for Valencia, Turkey and Abu Dhabi. But what can you expect from a man that only cares about money.

    Being English I couldn’t be happier that two English drivers are leading the championship with an English team.

    As for predictions, I’m picking Lewis for Pole and Victory. The track looks like it might suit McLaren and Lewis nailed Pole there last year.

    Love the show guys. Listened to it on my iPod today and was laughing to myself on the street. Must have looked like an idiot.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hey guys,

    another great show mostly due to the fact that you read my comment.

    Just to clarify my comment on the last show, I meant Liuzzi regularly beats other F1 drivers in Karting. I was commenting from the waiting room of an OB-GYN which is not a comfortable place for a guy to be hanging out alone. (no I am not a freak I was waiting for my wife)

  3. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the shout out on the podcast. Another great show as always. One thing you didn’t discuss was McLaren releasing Hamilton into Alonso during their first pit stop. I was a little surprised that Lewis didn’t get a drive-through for that one. Also, I’m surprised that Schumi didn’t get penalised for his double move defending against Massa (that resulted in damage to Massa’s front wing) during the closing stages of the race. None-the-less, it was a great race to watch even if our boy Webber didn’t take it out.

    Answer to trivia is -: 2007. Rnd 6-7 (Canadian and US GPs) won by Hamilton. Round 8-9 (French and British GPs) won by Raikkonen.

    For Valencia, I’m tipping Webber for pole and a win. At the very least, I reckon Webber will out-qualify Vettel again 😉

    I was surprised to see how close RBR was to McLaren in Canada given the track should not have suited them. While McLaren will still be favourites in Valencia, the track will play a little more to RBR’s strengths than Canada did so I reckon they’ll mount a better challenge.

    Keep up the great work guys!!

  4. Yet another great show form you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    In my last comment I didnt mean webber would end up in the wall of champs along with vettel, I ment vettel would end up in webber again 🙂

    Trivia – last time there were two back to backs back to back was in 2007, Hamiltons first two wins at the Canadian GP the US GP (round 6 and 7), then Raikkonens two wins at the French GP and the British GP (round 8 and 9).

    Predictions – I think button will get pole as this track suits the mclaren cars and I just thought I would go different this time. However I think seen as the european gp is as thrilling as watching a horse take crap and no one overtakes I think Hamilton will win, because he can over take anywhere in anything (including a milk float). Im also thinking vettel might leak a bit all over the track again

  5. Hey Guys. Great podcast as usual. I was fortunate enough to make it back to Montreal this year after its hiatus. My father and I try to addend a grand prix each year and can’t decide where to go next year. Canada is not an option due to a conflict. So, I think a great topic for discussion would be what are the best Grand Prix to visit on a reasonable budget. 2012 will be in Austin, but where to go in 2011? Any first hand knowledge from you and your listeners would be great. PS….I’m leaning towards Monza or Hockenheim. My dad took me to Hockenheim in 1979 when I was 8 years old. Been hooked ever since!

  6. Gents, I got to this podcast late this time, but definitely a good one. Being from England and a long time Jenson Button fan (Williams and Renault did not treat him well) I am almost very happy with the current state of affairs. I have my tickets for Silverstone this year and in the interests of promoting the show I was thinking it would be good to show off the Tee shirt talked about in the podcast. I am more than happy to make a contribution to the Coke fund to cover any costs. Keep up the good work, more informative than the pundits and definitely more laughs.

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