F1Show 071: Grand Prix of Monaco 2010

The 2011 tire situation: not sorted yet
Drivers road-trip to Monaco
Kubica puts in a great quali performance, but it’s Webber on top!
Red Bull is unbeatable at the moment
Alonso makes the best of a bad Saturday
Mercedes has issues
The split pair at Renault
Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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3 thoughts on “F1Show 071: Grand Prix of Monaco 2010”

  1. Great solo podcast Jim and thanks for the mentions. Answer to trivia is 5 races (Turkey, Singapore, Korea, Brasil, Abu Dhabi). I’m predicting Webber to back up for another pole and win in Turkey. Could be wishful thinking, but then again, it could just be another clairvoyant moment 😉

  2. Great report thanks guys.
    Interesting to hear about the poor response to the Australian National Anthem.
    Get used to it guys. You might get used to it as you’ll be hearing it more often – courtesy of Mark.

  3. Great show Jim. I can only imagine that it is hard to make the show all by yourself, but it came out really good. Well done.
    For the trivia part:
    Turkey, Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Abu Dhabi.

    Pole: Vettel with is new chassis.
    Winner: Alonso. This has to be the closes race yet. This race is all about a good setup for the car.

    Cheers Stian Johansen

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