F1Show 069: Chinese Grand Prix 2010

F1 racing on the iPhone!
A volcano in Iceland is keeping the F1 circus in China
Chinese and fortune cookies
Holy failed upright, Buemi!
Button, the strategic winner of the Chinese Grand Prix
Schumacher’s pace: less athletic, more lethargic
Ferrari’s engines continue to combust
Listener feedback, trivia, and predictions

6 thoughts on “F1Show 069: Chinese Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Great show guys, keep it up as always!

    As a huge Button fan the Chinese GP was both awesome and yet especially nerve-wracking towards the close stages. After the race finished I found myself constantly refreshing my itunes podcast list to see if your show was ready for download – so I guess that says it all! You’ve got me hooked!.

    Already looking forward to the next race in 3 weeks time, shame it will likely be processional given the traits of the Ciruit de Catalunya.

    (Sheffield, UK)

  2. Looong time listener first time comenter.

    I’ve always loved your podcast, you always cover all the issues, and you even manage to make the dull races sound fun. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    John, Sheffield, UK

  3. Hei guys:-)

    Love your show. Keep it up.
    For your Trivia questions:
    1.I think it was in the State of New York
    2. Alan Jones
    3. I will say blue because of your new car. By the way nice car:-)

    For my predications:
    Pole: Vettel
    Winner: Alonso

    And again keep up the good work.

    Stian Johansen

  4. Guys,

    The last time both Ferrari and McLaren failed to win a race?

    What can you be thinking in suggesting ’93. We saw Michael “who ate all the pies” Andretti drive for McLaren, but you should have checked his team mate!!

    I should have been ’95, but Alesi got lucky in Canada, so it must be 1980.

    Btw great show, keep it up. Been listening for a couple of years now.

    Julian, London

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