F1Show 068: Malaysian Grand Prix 2010

Lewis and McLaren make up.
Pad Malaysia, so tasty.
Practice, Qualifying, and Race Results
Red Bull makes it stick, Sebastian Vettel Wins!
Hamilton, faster than a raped ape!
Ferrari Frustrations
Listener feedback, trivia, and predictions.
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6 thoughts on “F1Show 068: Malaysian Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Hey Guy’s!

    Im a big fan of the show, its easily the best F1 podcast out there 🙂

    As for the trivia I believe the two races in the US in 1984 were in Detroit and Dallas 🙂

  2. Alright fellas,

    I just thought that I would leave a comment as listening to your show and saying that there was just 4 with 2 being from the same person was a little low. I think that I will do a post on the BBC 606 website to promote the show for you.

    You work well together and its nice to see some support for F1 from your side of the pond. I understand that Bernie is after a venue on the east coast due to the more suitable for TV.

    As for China I expect another strong performance from Lewis but there is a good chance that they will all be chasing Vettal and Red Bull.

    Vettal for another win with Lewis and maybe Alonso for the podium.

    Great show guys, enjoy the Chinese!!!

  3. Your show has got to be the best with great humour. The Hamelton crutch shot live was why? but even better when you brought it up, must be a bloke thing. Keep it up…

  4. Round 8 United States East Detroit. Nelson Piquet on Pole and the win for Brabham. Martin Brundle drove his Tyrrell superbly moving from 11th to finish 2nd. United States West two weeks later in Dallas. Nigel Mansell on pole for Lotus and Keke Rosberg to win in the Williams. Arnoux starting at the back when his car failed to fire up finished second. Mansell’s car ran out of gas and he pushed it across the line to take sixth.

  5. Hey guys, great show!

    The 1984 GP’s were Detroit and Dallas – two street circuits that fell out of favour.

    It seems that Bernie loves to have circuits at venues (see Monaco, Singapore, Malaysia), but the racing always gets compromised because of this. A shame that in the US all the ‘proper’ circuits seem to be in places that F1 doesn’t want to go to – who would’nt love a GP at Road America?

    Keep up the great work,


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