F1Show 067: Australian Grand Prix 2010

Sauber’s Snorkel, pit-lane crawl.
Spaghetti in Australia.
Practice, Qualifying, and Race Results.
Buttons strategy for success.
Red Bull and Reliability to not seem to mix.
Australian Grand Prix excitment.
Listener feedback, trivia, and predictions.

4 thoughts on “F1Show 067: Australian Grand Prix 2010”

  1. hey guys! big fan of ur show. and robins one man show of australia was pretty good; enjoyed it alot.
    and for the trivia i did some maths and i think if ayrton senna was alive and had raced till 2006 he would have won around 54 races. good work guys, keep it up.

  2. oh sorry guys i forgot to add the 41 races that he had already won. so that makes it 95 races.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Congratulations, yours is by far and away THE BEST Formula One podcast available and a must listen for any serious F1 fan. I’m a long time listener but first time contributor and as I had a bit of time to kill I’ve done my maths and reckon Senna would have won 63 GPs in total if his career had lasted as long as Shuey’s (he would have probably got another couple of titles too!)

    As for predictions for Malaysia:

    Pole: Vettel
    1st Alonso
    2nd Vettel
    3rd Hamilton

    13th Barichello

    Keep up the fantastic work guys!

  4. If wiki is to be believed Senna 41 wins in 162 races. Mike 91 wins in 252 races. Give Senna 252 races he wins 64 total. It’s Mike’s ability to build and work with a great team.

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