F1Show 062: Brazilian Grand Prix 2009

-Flavio sues the FIA
-Robert Kubica to race at Renault in 2010
-Massa back in an F1 car
-Rubens Barichello on Pole in Brazil
-Brazilian Grand Prix Race Report
-Mark Webber wins the Brazilian Grand Prix!
-Jensen Buttons wins the 2009 Formula One Driver World Championship!!!
-Brawn GP wins the 2009 Formula One Constructors World Championship!!!
-Raikkonen’s Ferrari catches fire, and still finishes sixth in the race.
-Trulli and Sutil have a racing incident, Trulli blames Sutil
-Both Williams failed to finish the race, Rosberg: gearbox, Nakajima: accident
-McLaren fined $50,000 for unsafely releasing Heikki Kovalainen from the pits…with a fuel hose attached…spewing fuel on to Kimi Raikkonen…which ignited, engulfing him in flames
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One thought on “F1Show 062: Brazilian Grand Prix 2009”

  1. Just on the Webber-Nico-Alonso question you were discussing on this podcast…

    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a stewards decision to have Webber give the place back. Rather it was the team’s decision to avoid a penalty.

    And so they had to let Nico thru, in order to get Alonso thru.

    Also, in the hypothetical situation where you might have to let the whole field pass you, (or if the steward’s decision was delayed)… The stewards would just give a drive-thru penalty instead.

    Thanks for the podcast! Love your work!

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