F1Show 054: British Grand Prix 2009

-Last Week follow-up
-FOTA GP1 series, We hope not!
-McLaren McSucks, still!
-Rubens Out-qualis Button for the first time this year
-Vettel on Pole again!
-British Grand Prix Race Report
-Sebastian Vettel yawns his way to a dominant BGP victory
-Nico Rosberg top 5…again, McLaren/Mercedes for 2010?
-Barrichello strong this weekend
-F1Show predictions
-F1Show trivia. Test your knowledge.
-New! F1Show Challenge Question, play at home!!!
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4 thoughts on “F1Show 054: British Grand Prix 2009”

  1. Hey guys great show that mclaren car is terrible but to be fair to Lewis he was on another fast lap but the session but red flagged so he had to stop I think he would have got in to the second session. He couldn’t have come on do another with 24 secs left.

    I don’t think there will be a split they will get it sorted out there is too much money involved there just waiting to see gues backs down first out of Max and FOTA.

  2. Bring back tr-tr-trivia tune. We love it. Great show guys even when you pronounce Renault funny. Did you have mushy peas or curry sauce with your fish and chips??

  3. Hey Guys, Sill loving the podcasts. As one of your Brit listeners thought I would suggest some UK coverage for you as you were complaining about maybe the lack of good info you get in the states. You could try the following: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/default.stm

    Apart from all the latest news there is live streaming of the BBC coverage including practices. There is also a really good pre weekend podcast from BBC Radio FiveLive called chequered flag. It’s on I tunes too.

    Hope you find this useful, keep up the good work, roll on Germany!

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