F1Show 053: 24 Hours of Le Mans Special

Somehow we felt it would be a good idea to follow the 24 hour race in real time, to share the sleepless experience with the engineers. Hear our series of quick updates throughout the 24 hours.

3 thoughts on “F1Show 053: 24 Hours of Le Mans Special”

  1. Great show guys. I love this race every year.

    Do you guys watch Top Gear they have a 24 hours race show its was epic but the show is great.

  2. Hey guys- I was at Le Mans (got back last night) – I only managed about 20 of the 24 so well done. Couple of interesting rumours running around – mainly centered on Ferrari maybe leaving F1 and goin into sports cars! – Montezemola (can’t be bothered to check spelling) started the race, and in the GT2 category – Ferrari wiped the floor with Porsche!

    One interesting thing was how different the winning Peugeot was to the Audi and the Lola/Astons – maybe some lessons learned for F1 there – 3 manufacturers (2 “factory” teams, and Lola/Aston) building cars to the same regs for the same race – with different fuel types, numbers of cylinders etc.

    As you said on the Turkey podcast following my “RIP” post – maybe these new teams will help change F1 for the better – I really hope they do, I don’t want more cars that make up the numbers on the grid – I want 4 or 5 manufactures have a shot at each round and I would love to see different solutions to the same problems. You are right – there’s hope.

  3. Great show and a great idea. I never knew White Castle was open 24 hours a day. Eating there at 5 a.m. is never a good idea though.

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