F1Show 052: Turkish Grand Prix 2009

-Last Week follow-up
-Brawn GP, Mercedes works team?
-FOTA, conditional entries for 2010.
-Mclaren McSucks! 
-Vettel puts the pedal to the medal, P1!
-Turkey Grand Prix Race Report
-Do I even have to say it? ….fine, Jensen Button wins,…again, shocking!
-Nico Rosberg top 5, Brawn GP for 2010?
-F1show predictions
-New! F1 show trivia. Test your knowledge.
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4 thoughts on “F1Show 052: Turkish Grand Prix 2009”

  1. Great show again guys! I must say that I never thought to review the podcast on iTunes until you mentioned it on this show, naturally I gave you 5 stars and my high recommendations. Though as you mentioned, you might not be able to see the reviews coming from the iTunes store in UK (mine is currently pending approval I think), so I thought I’d make a helpful screenshot for you guys:


    Keep up the efforts and I look forward to the Silverstone show!

    Oh yeah, on the subject of Christian Horner keeping Vettel at bay in the closing stages of the race… Let us not forget 2009’s sole example of Vettel’s ‘Racecraft’ as seen in opening race in Australia! They certainly wouldn’t want to see a repeat that embarrassing incident again. It is worth also noting Vettel and Webber’s history of close quarters racing with his bump into Webber at Fuji (thought admittedly in the wet, under the safety car and more mistake than overtaking maneuver). Just a thought!

  2. hey, great show again! thanks

    yeah i think most teams have a ‘whoever’s in front by the 2nd pitstop, stays in front’ policy to avoid embarassing incidents and losing points. except for honda last year, where rubens and jenson kept spinning each other out, trying to overtake for 18th place.

    also i think the double-difusers are creating to much turbulent air, especially thru turn 8 in turkey. thats why i think there isn’t going to be much overtaking form here on, because everone is using them now…

    i hope they’re cut out of the rules for next year – so the new aero regulations can have the impact they were supposed too!

  3. great show, as usual!

    i bought myself a coke. no, i didn’t get my prediction right. i needed that coke to calm myself down in order to avoid making a “montezemolo” against my beautiful and shiny TV.

    i love seeing Jens winning, i love seeing Ross Brawn happy… but what the heck is happening with McLaren? It seems they’re going backwards…

    As for the race, I didn’t understand why Red Bull was on a 3 stop-strategy but if it wasn’t for Vettel’s mistake in turn 9 he would’ve been 2nd. Good job from Webber too. To me the best was Rosberg – this guy deserves a top team. It would be nice to see him racing for McLaren next year!!

    PS – Ferrari is nowhere so… Robin, i think you should buy Kimi a coke.

  4. Hello guys!!!!
    I’d discorvered your podcast last week, and i just LOVED.
    Realy it’s very good!
    well, I’m brasilian, but I’m living in london now to study, so, sorry for my english not so good, but I realy love Formula one, I have a blog, I write in portuguese sorry =D, but I write about formula 1 too.
    I’m loving live in london, i mean, this is the central of automobilism in the world, so, is the best place for me to live, LoL.
    Well, i’m just writing to say that i realy liked your podcast, and, keep going, cause I’ll keep listening!


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