F1Show 049: Grand Prix of Bahrain 2009

-Last Week follow-up
-Bahrain Grand Prix Race Report
-Toyota qualifies 1-2, Jarno Trulli on top!
-Button Bahrain Bonanza, what a win! 
-Vettel, quite quick, will win again.
-Ferrari, three points a charm.
-Williams still cannot convert
-Piquet, we all agree, it’s really time to move on.
-F1show predictions
-New! F1 show trivia. Test your knowledge.
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One thought on “F1Show 049: Grand Prix of Bahrain 2009”

  1. good overall race i must say. Exciting at the beginning but it eventually lost it’s magic. And I know i was bored because I was paying more attention to heating up a plate of pizza than the actual race itself. Good job to the Button. Wootz!!!!! 😀

    Just one comment on another episode you did, specifically the opening to the Aussie GP podcast. Great intro!!! I loved it. But just one problem…… Why the friken Dear Sister Music!?! Listening to You by The Who works just as well….

    (all of these questions are probably gonna take up at least half of your show if you discuss all the material. My suggestion, BS it and let me “Ramble On” {hintee hintee, Robert Plant, one of my favorite vocalists, was at the race})

    Anyways, I recently befriended a veteran kart driver who actually pwned pretty hard. (we are both sopheez in high school)(also, its pronounced “Own”, not “Pone”.) This got me thinking about how easy it would be to be able to race. The only barrier, unfortunately, was money. Racing is the most expensive sport in the world. And right now, this magical cotton-like substance runs dry in my family.

    The only way to er… measure myself at the moment is sadly ( im going to regret stating it) Gran Turismo 4…. “OMGWTFBBQ!!!!! GT4!?! Ur such a noob 4 plyng dat game!!” you say, eh? well actually i am pretty darn good at the game. I can drive virtually any non-group-c race car without ABS or TC. And I’ve driven these virtually on Nordschliefe. Yes you heard me right, the Nord-friken-Schliefe. There’s also a local rent-a-crap karting place called MB2, which I am myself again, pretty darn good.

    Foistly, I am just wondering, do I have any driving talent to begin with? I know there is a fine line between being “just good” and being world chumpeeun. Secondly, if I do have talent, how am I to transgress the erm… “Wall of Capital”. I remember talking with my friend about it. He mentioned something about sponsors.

    Lastly, I do know that Mike the Shoe Maker and Fernie the Alfonso all started when they were three or four. I am at the amazing starting age of (drum roll please!!) …

    15.5!!!!!! OMGOSHWTCBBQ!!!!!!!

    your answers and other jibs and jabs and stabs are appreciated. (Vettel won’t just punch…. he’s guna completely pwn the other guys. It’s gonna turn into a friken wrestling match.)

    (Yes this is the end of my rant!! And the beloved end of my Leet-speak {im a gamer})

    -The Slicer
    Southern California
    Stuck in 60’s
    Cross-Country and Track runner
    Aspiring Engineer in Formula One

    but most of all….

    FAN OF THE SHOW AND SPORT!!!! :D:D:D:D:D (well at least you guys are up to date. All the other podcasts are now like 10 races behind)

    (And awwww…. No Myspace Group???)

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