F1Show 040: Chinese Grand Prix 2008

-Chinese Grand Prix Race Report
-Lewis Hamilton takes pole, the win and fastest lap!
-Ferrari 2-3, Massa in front after Kimi let him by
-Kovalainen, step it up for your boy
-Alonso really doesn’t like Hamilton or McLaren.
-Kubica is out, his qualifying is to blame.
-The French Grand Prix gone for 2009. Merde Again! 
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6 thoughts on “F1Show 040: Chinese Grand Prix 2008”

  1. Hey guys great show the one thing I like about your show is you guys really call it down the middle allot of show I use to listen to are biased to certain drivers.

    On to F1 If there is one thing I’m not liking about F1 is allot of the traditional tracks going. Silverstone is gone soon maybe I am biased having been there but I hate to see it go. The way Bernie is going we will be having flying F1 cars in night races in 2010.

    Being British I am a Kimi fan over Lewis but in Brazil im going for Lewis to bring the title home.

    Talking about Lewis I just want to know why do allot of people hate Lewis?. I think he deserves allot more credit the kid is on of the main reasons more people are watching the sport again.

    Anyway guys great show and hope you do more shows after the final race to keep us updated.

  2. WOW having time to reflect on the race all I can say is.

    What a race and what drama. Im very biased toward Lewis as I said can’t help it he did deserve the title he had the most points. He did have allot of luck but you need that for the title. I cant stop smiling with all the abuse, rasist comments, websites, you tube videos etc Hamilton has endured for over 2 seasons just make this so much better.

    I know people are gonn ask questions about Glock but has anyone ever tried racing on drys in the rain its hard you know Glock was all over the place. Anyway here are the times Trulli had the same problem.

    P5 – Hamilton – wet tyres: 1.26.126
    P6 – Glock – dry tyres: 1.44.731
    P7 – Kovalainen – wet tyres: 1.24.945
    P8 – Trulli – dry tyres: 1.44.800

    Respect to Massa Hats off again to him, he’s an extremely graceful loser, and he’s an extremely likable guy. I hope he does win it himself one day. Congratulations and commiserations to him

  3. Hamilton number one, a deserved champion. Also well done to Massa, a fantastic drive today.

  4. Wow what a race! Massa was so close. WHAT WAS GLOCK DOING/THINKING?? did he have a problem or was he doing Hamilton a favor? The last 5 laps was F1 at its best! Massa will be #1 next year. oh…by the way….you all owe me a Coke! haha

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