F1Show 041: Brazilian Grand Prix 2008

-Brazilian Grand Prix Race Report
-Lewis Hamilton is Formula One World Champion!!!!!!
-Ferrari is Formula One Constructor Champion!!!!!
-Massa wins the Brazilian Grand Prix!!!!
-Good-bye David Coulthard, we think you’re good people!
-Vettel impresses and scares the daylights out of Hamilton
-Thank you everyone for making 2008 a fantastic F1show season
-F1show predictions
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7 thoughts on “F1Show 041: Brazilian Grand Prix 2008”

  1. I sincerely hope that Massa punched Timo Glock in the face. What a farce! I’m very disappointed in that effort.

  2. haha, good one Tom…

    Lewis definately has a lot to be happy for….
    1) that he has a 2nd rate driver in the other mclaren.
    2) that vettel is going to red bull next year, and not a top team.

    vettel PWNS hammy!
    watching him overtake hammy and take away his championship was my most favourite part of the season!

  3. How many more times do you guys need to be told this, Glock was on the wrong tyres…no conspiracy, just one of those things. Massa drove a fantastic race, as Hamilton has throughout this season. Two great drivers, two great teams equal a great season. More of the same for next year please.

  4. Hey guys – just wanted to say what a top podcast you produce every race weekend.
    Being from the UK, all the podcasts here favour Hamilton and you don’t get the full coverage of all the teams/drivers. yours on the other hand is as unbiased as they come (apart from your own personal favourite teams/drivers) I would of course like to congratulate Lewis on a job well done, although I hope he wraps it up quicker next year! YES HE WILL GET 2 IN A ROW!
    well done again on a very enjoyable show and roll on 2009

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