F1Show 037: Italian Grand Prix 2008

-Italian Prix Race Report
-Qualifying, you said who was on pole?
-Sebastian Vettel wins in Italy for his junior Italian team. Amazing! 
-Hamilton has a tough race and makes the most of it
-Raikkonen has a tough race…
-Where is Alonso going to go?
-No one likes yellow. 
-Phil Hill, we’ll miss you.
-F1show predictions
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2 thoughts on “F1Show 037: Italian Grand Prix 2008”

  1. Hi
    Great show… I was looking for a nice show about F1 since I don’t have TV to see the races. You are very lively and passionated and I really enjoy the discussion and the way of overviewing the race in italy last weekend. I could imagine the race following your words. So great show again. I became a new subscriber.

    Greatings from Belgium from a Portuguese guy!


  2. Nice show guys, the race was so good for F1, Vettel, in a Torro Rosso of all things! Takes poll AND the win! Although I am a die hard Mclaren fan, it was great to see this young driver take his first GP win and to share it wil two other first time GP winners on the podium.

    Vettels win
    The fight back of Hamilton to still be in the lead of the race to the title. Especially after a horrid qualli’s.
    Watching these multi million dollar cars crawl around the track because of the wet, great to see the skill of the drivers come through.

    Keep up the great work guys and cant wait for the next show!

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