F1Show 029: Monaco Grand Prix 2008 (updated)

This file is reposted due to an audio problem in the first upload.. Sorry about that!


– Introduction

– Monaco Grand Prix Race Report

– Lewis Hamilton wins the Monaco Grand Prix!!!!!!!!

– Wet and drying conditions separate the racers from the testers

– Kimi Raikkonen’s dismal performance, was it set-up?

– Adrian Sutil gets punted, destroying his suspension and dream finish

– Strong Drivers vs. Weak we revisit last podcast’s predictions

– We have Voicemail!

– F1show predictions

– Performance Boxes are sweet! performancedrift.com

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– Send us voicemail: f1show.com

– Sign off

3 thoughts on “F1Show 029: Monaco Grand Prix 2008 (updated)”

  1. Love the show guys buts what with the extreme left/right microphone settings!? It’s most disconcerting and very hard to listen to with headphones.

    Kind regards,

  2. Philip,

    sorry to mess you up. I think it sounds okay on speakers but you’re right, in headphones it sounds like you are directly in between the two of us, and that’s a bit much…

    I did re-pan us and re-upload the file, so Robin is 20% left and I’m 20% right. Try playing it from this page or downloading the file again to see if you like it better. I might play with it a bit more for future shows, but most likely not go back to total separation.

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