F1Show 016: Belgian Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– Belgian Grand Prix Race Report
– Alonso v. Hamilton Fight! Fight! Fight!
– Raikkonen elated!
– Congrats to Kubica
– Congrats to Sutil and Spyker!
– What are the Japanese going to have for Japan
– Oh and the other teams…
– Is Spa a neutered track?
– Drivers Championship
– Is Alonso a dick?
– McLaren Scandal
– Send us email: feedback@f1show.com
– Sign off

3 thoughts on “F1Show 016: Belgian Grand Prix 2007”

  1. Hey guys,
    I just listened to your show for the first time and enjoyed your analysis and comment on the Belgian GP, which was a rather boring race on a great race-track. I also found your comments on the “spygate” affair very interesting. It seems to me that Alonso is even more of a dick than you cared to mention, and Ron Dennis is completely in the clear. It’s a taint on a man who has done as much for F1 as anyone. Perhaps it should be Alonso who loses all his points and is fined multi-million dollars.

  2. This whole spying case is such a BS
    Ferrari acts like they’ve cheated before
    (of course, they haven’t been caught ,
    with the help of the FIA)
    anyway, since last year we have to hear
    all comments demonizing Fernando.
    What is it with the Fernando Alonso bashing?
    For all I know these are only rumors, it seems like everyone
    wants Kimi to win.
    I say Fernando will take this one, I like Hamilton also
    I wouldn’t mind to see him as a champion.
    Thanks for the show.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the great podcasts! Iv’e been listening for a while, but i was inspired to comment after listening to another podcast yesterday from 2 x americans…it was not only boring, but they were slagging off the amount of coverage lewis is getting in the british media and generally saying we are all biased because he’s a brit! Your podcast is not only entertaining and funny, but it’s obvious you are passionate about F1 and can fully appreciate the driving skills of lewis but all the drivers! Keep up the good work..i’m sad we are coming to the end of the seaon..but what a great one it’s been!

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