F1Show 014: Turkish Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– Turkish Grand Prix Race Report
– Hamilton’s championship
– What about Kovalainen?
– McLaren boys make up, in public at least
– Massa loves Turkey!
– Raikkonen, is he consistent enough?
– Nico Rosberg, once again a very solid drive
– Scott Speed vs Sebastian Vettel
– Toyota needs to drop Schumacher
– Toro Rosso Signs Sebastian Bourdais for 2008
– Button and Honda, how sad.
– F1 show explosion!
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– Sign off

2 thoughts on “F1Show 014: Turkish Grand Prix 2007”

  1. Just wanted to say I think your show is great! I don’t get a chance to watch all the races and I appreciate your insightful summaries of each race.

    BTW – check out autoweek’s podcast interview with Allan McNish (if you haven’t). He makes interesting comments on Scott Speed and what americans want/expect in racing?


  2. Good show. Relatively short and sweet and you cover the race and some of the behind the scenes well. Keep it up!

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