F1Show 002: Bahrain Grand Prix 2007

In our second episode, we cover the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix.

– Introduction
– Race Report
– Three way tie in Drivers Championship
– Is Nick Heidfeld racing for his Job? Why?
– Massa delivers a near perfect weekend for Ferrari and makes good for mistakes in Malaysia
– Hamilton still impresses week after week
– Kimi Raikkonen’s weak engine and how it affected his race
– Toyota woes. They still can’t put it together. What’s missing?
– Alonso got passed and passed good!
– David Coulthard shows some vigor
– Renault now filling space mid-pack, maybe due to a lack of 2007 preparation, maybe due to losing Alonso
– Back to Europe
– Monaco Rally of Grand Prix!
– Honda still in back with no plan of attack
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